The People of Eressëa

The population of Eressëa is widely varied.
From the adaptable and ambitious Humans,
to the bog-dwelling Dwarves.
the mischievous Gnomes,
the modest Halflings,
the eccentric Spellscales,
the barbaric Neanderthals,
the reclusive Underfolk,
the calm Darfellan,
the noble Raptoran,
the wise Aasimar (+1 LA),
the greedy Tiefling (+1 LA),
the mighty Goliaths (+1 LA),
the determined Jakrias,
the peaceful Antell,
and the diplomatic Iridi.

At one time or another, the intellectual Grey Elves, the distant Snow Elves, and the esoteric Wood Elves populated the word of Eressëa, but they have long since been wiped out or vanished. Little trace remains of them beyond written text and forgotten ruins.

If the race you want to play is not on this list (or one of the Elves), ask your DM and they will try and work something out with you.
Races that DO NOT exist in Eressëa

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