The Geography Of Eressea
  • Vorea

Vorea is the largest overall landmass in the world. It's most noticeable features include the Uisché Sea, a fresh water lake that is nearly 2000mi in width (running from North East to South West) Vorea also has the Twin Ranges, which run North-South on either side of the Uisché Sea and intersect in the south, effectively separating the East and West sides of the continent. The land between the two mountains is outstandingly fertile and supplies approximately 70% of the food to Vorea. This area is known as the Fertile Triangle in common and is run by a system of democratic city-states, very much like Italy. The most famous of these cities is Valencia, where the Grand Council is held every 3 years to elect new leaders for the city-states. Most of the city-states are Gnomish, but in the last 500 years, many states have begun to elect humans.

  • A'anid

A'anid is a small landmass to the north east of Vorea. The weather is frequently dreary. 298 days out of a year the skies over A'anid are completely obscured with clouds. A'anid is covered in thick temperate forest and most cities are carved right into the trees. A'anid is home to the world's largest population of the ancient Grey Elves who call the continent "Alandid", thus A'anid is the common short name. A'anid serves as a land of exiles and hermits. Most towns and cities are small hamlets nestled in forest clearings. There are virtually no humans or gnomes on A'anid and technology is practically non-existent. Everyone lives off the land. According to legend, the moon gods Ingolé and Càno overlooked the small land of A'anid when delivering their punishment because of the thick batch of clouds that covers the island. The people of A'anid are very spiritual, and the very ground is saturated with magical and mystical energies. Druids of all races hope to pilgrimage to A'anid at least once in their lifetime.

The Cities of Vorea

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