Races that DO NOT exist in Eressëa

The following is a list of races (intended for use by players) that do not exist in Eressëa. Any race outside core is assumed not to exist unless otherwise noted.
(Any "race" that has racial hit dice is considered a playable monster and thus will not be included on this list.)

Orc, and thus Half-orcs.
Elves and most of their variets… (EXCEPT for Grey, Wood and Snow elves, though they may exist they are not playable without express permission from the DM)
Deep and Mountain Dwarves, Druegar.

Most variants for the races that do exist in Eressëa will be allowed, though please verify this with the DM.

For a list of creatures (and thus playable monsters) that do not exist in this setting, please see The Creatures of Eressëa where a detailed list is (or will eventually be) provided.

If the race you want to play is not on either list, ask your DM and they will try and work something out with you.

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