Osto Cilya

The city of Osto Cilya

Conventional/Magical; AL LN; 100,000 gp limit; Assets 163,760,000 gp; Population 187,256; Integrated (38% Raptoran, 14% human, 10% Iridi; 8% Gnome, 6% Halfling, 5% Dwarf, 4% Antell, 3% Goliath, 2% Spellscale, 2% Jakrias, 8% Other)

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  • The History of Osto Cilya

Osto Cilya was born nearly four hundred years ago when a band of refugee Raptoran stumbled upon the vast cavern that is now its home. A small scouting party had been sent out to search for a proper area for the Raptorans to build their new home, never did they dream of stumbling upon a cave so vast. They quickly established a small village within the caves, and began life anew. Slowly but surely the village grew, the raptorans dug tunnels, with the help of the Goliaths and Iridi, up to the surface where they could plant farms, and down to the great seas, where they constructed vast docks for trade and fishing. Over the years the city grew and grew, until it occupied the entire cave, nearly five miles across at its mouth, at little more than two at its narrowest point. In the beginning there were many power struggles, as the new members of the city attempted to wrestle control from the Raptorans who first settled the caves. Despite these attempts the Raptoran leaders remained in power and managed to keep relative peace within the city walls, even to this day.

  • The Politics of Osto Cilya

Osto Cilya is a Magocratic city to a degree, its primary leader is an expert practioner of the arcane arts, known as the Grand Magus. However, it is not the Grand Magus that makes all the decisions. The city has a democratic side to it as well, a council, made up of an Alderman from each of the many districts, sits and discusses the issues in the city, and proposes solutions to these problems to the Grand Magus, who then passes judgment on these ideas, more often then not taking the advice of the council. Similarly, a Mayor, elected by the people, acts as the Grand Magus' "face" speaking to the public about the decisions of the Grand Magus and comforting them in times of need.

Upon the death of a Grand Magus, the council gathers for a special meeting, during which it discusses who the next Grand Magus should be. The Grand Magus is then chosen from a pool of mages from within the city, often from the graduating students, or masters, at the College of the Arcane Arts. The chosen mage has the opportunity to decline the position, but this is a rare occurrence.

The current Grand Magus, a raptoran by the name of Aerath Baelmahs, was chosen nearly 20 years ago, after the previous Grand Magus, a gnome by the name of Herlow Laughing Cloak, succumbed to an unexpected heart attack. Aerath has ruled over the city with a stern, but gentle guiding hand, and has used his rather extraordinary skills in the arcane arts to add to the cities defenses, as well as improving the overall appearance of the city.

  • The Districs of Osto Cilya

The following districts, and their current aldermen, exist within the city of Osto Cilya:
Shanty Town - Merlin Gaubert, Gnome
Tannery - Marcos Urien, Dwarf
Average Residential - Kenta Akhenaton, Raptoran
Wealthy Residential - Walter Omri, Human
Fisher's wharf/Waterfront - Erik Iestyn, Antell
Guildhall - Máximo Chauncey, Human
Marketplace - Ekenedilichukwu Yoram, Iridi
Fine Shops - Greyson Terenti, Raptoran
Garrison - Hyacinthe Luitger, Goliath
Temple - Aeson Whitney, Human
Inn/Tavern - Valto Tyrrell, Raptoran
Civic - Tyrone Sohail, Halfling
Magic - Kester Zachariah, Spellscale
Theater - None
Slum - Nazario Gwrtheyrn, Human
Prison - None
Arena - None
University - Italus Halvdan, Raptoran
Embassy - Osvald Cadell, Iridi
Nobel Estates - Viriato Mihael, Raptoran

  • The Guilds of Osto Cilya

The Black Foxes
Type: Criminal
Associated Classes: Bard, Rogue, Ninja, Spelltheif, Beguiler, Urban Ranger
Associated Skills: Disable Device, Forgery, Gather Information, Hide, Move Silently, Open Lock, Sleight of Hand

Joinging the Black Foxes:
While the Black Foxes are primarily composed of those possessing some form of stealth and criminal abilities (rogues and the like), membership is open to any and all who can track down a member of the guild, which is no easy task.
The guild rarely searches out potential members, preferring to stay in the shadows and remain unnoticed. As such, an individual seeking membership must locate a current guild member. However, on occasion the guild will reach out to a non-member who has made a name for himself. Provided that the prospective member passes the initiation tests, and shows signs of bringing a profit to the guild, he or she will be accepted to the order.
Entry Requirements: (4 Ranks in any of the associated skills)
After first tracking down a current guild member, a person seeking to join the Black Foxes must pass questioning under zone of truth, followed by the completion of a small test geared to their talents, often an obstacle course or some such thing.
Nearly all of the Black Foxes have at least one level in rogue, ninja, spelltheif or Beguile, but it is not required of members to have such levels, all classes are welcomed. Bards are especially useful to the guild, as information gatherers, distractions, but the most important use for bards in the guild is as infiltrators, working their way up the social
hierarchy, befriending the nobles and those of wealth. Fighters and other martial classes often act as guards, protecting fellow members when the need it and ensuring that no one finds the entrances to the guilds headquarters. Clerics, a rarity among the guild, act as healers, tending to those injured during expeditions. Arcane casters use a combination of magic, intellect in the case of wizards, and charm in the case of sorcerers, to perform their given tasks.
Once someone has successfully passed the tests and joined the gang, the new member is taken to meet several of their superiors, often the guilds master of their chosen area of expertise, as well as the person in charge of coordinating Black Fox activity within the city. Shortly thereafter they are given their frist job, or receive approval for a job that they already have in mind, they are then kept under surveillance for a short period to ensure that nothing goes wrong and no information is leaked.
Often times non-members are watched by the guild, kept in check to ensure that the Black Foxes do not loose any profits thanks to the capers of some would be freelancer.

Black Fox Benefits

The Black Foxes provide a fair number of benefits to its members, although the more experienced tend to gain more than those who are new.
Economics: The Black Foxes often buy goods from theives outside the gang, and sell their stolen goods in the underground market, which evbentually works its way back into circulation. The business is somewhat shacky, and is considered illegal by many, it is, however, technically legal.
Due to the Foxes control over the majority of stolen goods within the city, it provides a small percentage cut from its members to make up the difference in volume. Characters who sell stolen goods to the Black Foxes get 70% of its typical market price, rather than the usual 50%
However, when characters steal gold, or various goods that do not fall within this fenching, things are different. Street muggers, for example, are expected to pay 15% of their nightly take, although it is acceptable to pay less, but any less than 5% of a nights take leads to the guilds…retribution.
Services: Black Fox members have access to a wide variety of resources, forgery, appraisal, identification, disguise, locksmithing, etc. A member may request the assistance of an expert with the relevant skill modifire, chances are such assistnace will be provided within a few hours, unless those with more experiance are requested, in which case it may take a day or so. Members are expected to pay for theses services, although the cost is relativly low and negotiable.
Information: A member in need of information merely needs to approach the local leader and request the information. Although the infromation may not be given immediatly and may take a few hours to aquire.
Access: Low-level guild members are taught an intricate series of hand signals used to identify other members working in the same area. They also recieve a skeleton key that allows them to access the sewers beneath Osto Cilya, as well as a series of hidden tunnels that follow the walls of cave that Osto Cilya is built into.
Higher-level members learn another set of hand signals and secret doors that lead to the Black Fox guildhall, as well as a series of tunnels beneath the wealthier districts of Osto Cilya.

The Forge
Type: Gladiatorial Stable
Associated Classes: Barbarian, Cleric, Fighter, Hexblade, Dragon Shaman, Duskblade, Knight, Swashbuckler.
Associated Skills: Balance, Heal, Intimidate, Jump, Perform (Weapon Drill), Tumble.

Joining The Forge:
Joining the ranks of The Forge is a relatively easy task compared to joining some of the other guilds within Osto Cilya. More often than not the guild will approach a new gladiator asking if they would like to join. However, do the fairly large number of gladiators, it is possible that the guild can overlook some newcomers, forcing them to approach the guild first.
Entry Requirements:
A new gladiator who desires to enter the ranks of The Forge must accomplish two tasks. The first of these tasks is not as easy as it sounds, after registering with the arena the gladiator must win at least three consecutive matches. At that point the guild will either approach the gladiator, or the other way around. Once they have expressed interest to the guild, they must then defeat one of the guilds current gladiators in one on one combat.
While the vast majority of Forge members possess at least one level in a combat oriented class it is not unheard of for the members of more fragile professions to enter into the arena and join The Forge. The few wizards and other primary casters who do opt to fight in the arena often excel, finding that, despite their lack of combat ability, their magic proves more potent then even the sharpest sword. Similarly Clerics and other divine casters often excel, although the clerics of the guild often stay out of the arena, healing the wounds of those who do fight.
Forge Benefits:
The Forge offers a fair amount of benefits to all of its members, although the more experience and successful gladiators are likely to receive better treatment than new recruits.
The Forge does not offer much in terms of economics to its many members, but this is not for lack of trying. The guild does offer loans to members who truly need the money, although this is a rare case. Thanks to the guilds strong presence in the arena and their connections with the military, the guild has worked out a deal with the weaponsmiths and armorsmiths of the city, any guild member purchasing non-magical weapons or armor within Osto Cily receives a 10% discount.
However, this discount comes at a price. Guild members are required to pay the guild 10% of all their arena earnings, on top of the 2 gp monthly dues.
The Forge offers very few services to its members. The best it can do is offer healing to its members. All members injured during arena combat may have their wounds treated for free by the guilds various clerics and other healers. However, this only applies to injuries that occur within the arena, any other injuries are not subject to this and will incur a small fee.
Due to the guilds connections within the military information is fairly easy to obtain. A member must simply approach either one of the higher ups within the guild, or one of the various city guardsmen that stand guard in the district. Either way the information will be attained as fast as possible. Depending on the information it may take a few hours, possibly days, or perhaps no time at all.
Members of The Forge are granted free access to the arena and the surrounding areas, as well as the guildhall located a short walk away from the main arena. The guild also offers members free access to the kitchens, beds, and lounges located within the guildhall. In times of need the city often turns to The Forge for assistance, at such times members of the guild are granted access to the watch towers, the tunnels leading up from the dock and down from the farms, as well as the military’s armory.

  • The Houses of Osto Cilya

(Brief descriptions only right now, if you desire to be a member of one of the houses simply ask and I will give you information)

The Solali Household - A family of wealthy Raptorans who show great support to the arts, they also have a good deal of political influence.
The Adrastos Household - A family of moderately wealthy Humans. The Adrastos family is known for its fine warriors, some of the finest in all the land.
The Ansremar Household - A family of moderately wealthy raptorans known for producing some of Osto Cilya's finest mages. The family also boasts that the current grand magus has blood relation, albeit distantly so, to their family.
The Daloaen Household - A family of wealthy gnomes known for, much like the Ansremar House, producing some of Osto Cilya's finest mages. The two houses are often at odds, neither admitting that the other produces mages of even remotely equal calibur.
The Ullea Household - A family of moderately wealthy Iridi merchants, their wealth is fairly new, having only recently come to power after taking advantage of an opportunity presented before them when a previous mercantile house died out.

  • The Churches of Osto Cilya

The following is a list of the prominent churches in Osto Cilya, this is not to say that other churches do not exist, these are just the ones that have the most followers.

Tuvilti who Soars
Osei of the Oceans
Celsta, Muse of Spirit
Isophos, The Color of Life
Lown, Always Scheming
Ouro, Overseer of the Cycle
Mecanicus, Who Promises a New Age
Pelor, Shining Light
Baccob, Archmage of the Deities
and St. Cuthbert of the Cudgel

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