Magic in Eressëa

Arcane Magic:
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Divine Magic
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Pact Magic
The Ethnai exist as corporeal spirits, born from the innate magic of the objects they embody. Few understand the nuances of their existence, but none understand it better than the practioners of pact magic. Using a variety of special symbols and rituals the practitioner of pact magic, commonly referred to as a Binder, can contact strongest of the Ethnai, and strike a bargain with them. Once the bargain has been completed, the Ethnai bestow a portion of their spirit into the Binder, granting them the tiniest fraction of their power.
As if this great power were not enough, the Binders are capable of making contact with beings that have ben shunned by mortals and gods alike, being that exist outside the boundaries of life, death, and undeath. And, similarly to their pacts with the Ethani, the Binders can make bargains with these beings, these slost spirits, and gain a fraction of their power. They alone can summon these beings and their powers, not even the mightiest of the Ethnai can do such things.

(Pact magic functions as detailed in Tome of Magic, only the flavor is changed, as noted above)

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