Iridi are renown for their egotistical and foul tempered attitudes. Iridi tend to think for themselves and only themselves, taking what they need when they need it, even if they must use force. The Iridi are charismatic by nature and use this to their advantage, often bullying others into submission to satisfy their selfish desires. To top it all off they have a short fuse and anger easily. The Iridi often blow the smallest of conflicts out of proportion, if only to make sure they win the argument in the end. Never the less the Iridi do have their good side. For all of their arguments and greed they are fantastic story tellers and salesmen. They enjoy a night out on the town listening to the tales of any travelers and telling their own stories in exchange.

Physical Description:
Iridi typically stand between 6 and 8 feet in height, their weight averaging out to about 200 pounds. The skin of an Iridi is a dark brownish tan color, similar to the color of sand. Their arms and legs are covered in jagged cracks and crevasses, only a fraction of an inch deep the interior of these small crevasses is a bright, almost glowing, red color, similar to that of lava. Iridi typically have dark hair, although it is not unheard of for one to have a lighter shade of hair. Iridi show a distinct lack of hair on any part of their body other than the top of their head, no facial hair, no back, chest, leg, or arm hair what so ever. In all other aspects Iridi are almost identical to humans.

The Iridi, despite their general reputation and outlook on life, are neither welcomed nor rejected in any areas. They get along with those they live with most of the time and do what they can to keep things going their way. In fact, most people turn to the Iridi as merchants and story tellers, seeking them out when a good performance is needed, or a rare item is to be located. Many flock to the great Desert and Volcano cities of the Iridi simply to browse their merchandise and hear the tales told at local taverns and inns. People of all kinds also turn to the Iridi for their horses, as the Iridi are known for their impressive stallions and their more than impressive ability to ride them. Still some races hold a grudge against the Iridi, in specific the Antell, whose nomadic lifestyle and respect for natures balance conflicts with the industrial, selfish, lifestyle of the Iridi.

The Iridi take pride in their Laws, but are not quick to enforce them should it suite their needs. Iridi favor neither Law nor Chaos, preferring a balance of the two… Or rather, preferring one of the other whenever it serves them the most.
Likewise the Iridi favor neither good nor evil, the best and worst of people are found among the Iridi. However, due to their slightly egotistical nature the Iridi to have a slight tendency to shift towards the evil side.

Iridi Lands:
The Iridi make their homes in vast cities built into Volcanoes, or within the heated desserts, preferring the unsettling heat over the more temperate areas. Their cities are often focused around a single tavern or inn, a hot spot for stories to be shared. Nearly every Iridi city contains many a stable on its outskirts, as the Iridi love to ride the great stallions that roam their lands, and are skilled in doing so.

The Iridi speak a language that sounds like a blend of Common, Gol-kaa, and Elven, known as Iridun.

The Iridi take pride in their names, and find joy in having a fair amount of them. An Iridi is given one name at birth, and another when they reach adulthood. They also take on many nicknames, given to them by their friends, family, and even strangers.

Iridi Racial Traits:

* -2 Wis, +2 Cha
* Iridi base land speed is 30 feet Medium: As Medium creatures, humans have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.
* Flaming Touch (Su): Iridi are supernaturally warm, and as a free action they can infuse their hands with fire energy. While their hands are flaming, their unarmed attacks do an additionaly 1 point of fire damage. Any melee weapon an Iridi wields is infused with fire and does an additional 1 point of fire damage on a successful hit as long as the Iridi continues to hold the weapon. This additional damage does not stack with a magic weapon's ability to deal fire damage (if any).
* Climate Tolerant (Ex) Iridi suffer little harm from environmental extremes of heat or cold. They do not have to make Fortitude saves in extreme environments between -20 and 140 degrees F (Severe cold to severe heat). This ability does not provide any protection from fire or cold damage.
* +2 bonus on Intimidate and Appraise checks.
* +4 bonus on Ride checks when riding horses, war-horses, ponies, or war-ponies.
* Automatic Languages: Common, Iridun. Bonus Languages: Any
* Favored Class: Bard. A multiclass Iridi's bard class levels do not count when determining whether he takes an experience point penalty for multi-classing The Iridi love of story telling and sales produces many a bard.

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