These are the most powerful of all Ethna. They gain their power from the largest of forces, usually the most common races themselves. If you feel that a god is needed to cover an important aspect of your character, please contact your DM.

Note: I used the 'portfolio' term liberally to describe each god's most common followers. Since Ethna are influenced by their followers and vise versa, I found it appropriate to do. In the future I may change the format to match the one used in Complete Divine.

Another Note: Domains are taken from a variety of sources, particularly Complete Divine and Spell Compendium.

Salok, Highest Patron of the Hunt
Portfolio: Jakrias, rangers
Domains: Animal, Courage, Family, Skalykind,
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Favored Weapon: Kukri

Salok is the guardian of the hunt. Not only does she watch over her people, but also insures the natural order between predator and prey is preserved. With her blessing, the Jakrias are respectful and reverent to outsiders. Wild stock is bountiful and few are hungry. When under her wrath, outsiders may find themselves attacked or raided by nearby Jakrias. Either animals to hunt become scarce, or they suddenly become too powerful for even the most seasoned hunter. Salok’s current incarnation prefers two forms. One is of a particularly tall and slim female with a sharpened kukri sheathed and a dully-colored python at her side. The other is a great serpentine creature with two long arms and a body that merges into a snake’s tail. This wrathful form towers above the tallest of trees.

Priests of Salok are usually druids. Their job is often to bless and watch over hunting parties or to protect the local forests and jungles. They rarely see the need to change form in combat, instead fighting with their weapons and enhancing their animal companions.

Osei of the Oceans
Portfolio: Antell, sailors, fishers
Domains: Healing, Travel, Ocean, Water
Alignment: Neutral Good
Favored Weapon: Trident

Osei of the Oceans is the patron spirit of the Antell. He understands the difficulties of the fickle and powerful ocean, and teaches his children to show it great care and respect. Only through the unity of all aspects of creation can the nomadic Antell always feel at home. Antell is also a popular deity of fishermen and other people who live near the coast. Numerous temples to Osei exist that are not run but Antell; the only requirement set by the god is amicable and open relations with all Antell. Osei can often be found in the form of a large, strong Antell with a trident and a conch made of an iridescent shell. He is sometimes seen in this form by ocean travelers of all types, appearing when a ship or raft is lost. Fishermen tell stories of finding land by following the sound of Osei’s conch. When a need for a display of great power is required, Osei takes a colossal form made of materials of the ocean, including shells, sand, rocks, water, and seaweed.
While many Antell embrace the druid’s path, priests of Osei’s church are equally clerics and druids. While the church has a formal hierarchy, priests are rarely tied to a single establishment, often moving with nomad tribes or as they desire.

Celsta, Muse of Spirit
Portfolio: Humans, artists, researchers
Domains: Celerity, Healing, Luck, Magic
Alignment: Neutral
Favored Weapon: Longsword

Celsta's an almost happy-go-lucky deity that encourages her followers to always aspire to higher goals and new experiences. Humans are amongst the most diverse of races, and Celsta’s personality is a reflection of this. She encourages humans to always try new experiences and settle in new lands, despite the fact that only some humans are nomadic. Humans do however interpret her messages in a myriad of ways, leading to many very different sects that sometimes compete fiercely. Celsta is also renown for bringing inspiration to artists and scholars of all denominations. Celsta herself is true neutral; her only passion is the art of discovery and pays little heed to the consequences or implications of what her follower’s inspirations achieve. However, Celsta is known to often be a passionate and motherly protector of her followers. Her typical appearance is as a youthful woman as young as the late teens. The longsword she wields often even appears too large for her to gracefully carry. When provoked, she takes on a more mature adult appearance of epic size with a sword of glowing brilliance.

The temples of Celsta often are elaborately designed with murals and brilliant flora. The temple and the clerics that keep them often help any visitor, either by providing studios or healing services. This makes them community centers that provide many services to locals. Other sects interpret their goddess as permitting them to ruthlessly pursue power and wealth above other others, especially other races. In addition, monks of Celsta are renown for their ingenuity and determination of self-improvement.

Isophos, The Color of Life
Portfolio: Iridi, merchants, artisans, bards
Domains: Charm, Commerce, City, Fire
Alignment: Lawful Good
Favored Weapon: Rapier

There are almost as many sides of Isophos as there are opinions of him. Some says he’s a selfish Hedonist who encourages greed. Others view him as an example of how to drink deeply from life. As the patron god of the Iridi race, he’s a large part of both. Isophos encourages his worshippers to take what they can from life. Business enterprises, oratory, and song and dance are all excellent pursuits in life. Isophos teaches that a successful merchant helps all of society by serving the customer and by making profit for themselves and expanding the way they benefit the community. Appearing as a lithe Idiri of medium height and a particularly radiant glow (considered by Iridi culture as an attractive trait), Isophos is never seen without a rapier and a lute. When greatly angered, Isophos can take a colossal form that resembles a moving volcano. The lava left from this form is valued as having divine power.

Temples of Isophos constantly encourage active worship from all visitors, which includes lively song and dance. The clergy of Isophos has a structured hierarchy, but largely includes favored souls, who are often chosen by the god. He considers an active clergy as expanding his own enterprise, which furthers the agenda of the Iridi in general and his own personal devices.

Lown, Always Scheming
Portfolio: Gnomes, engineers, bards
Domains: Artifice, Illusion, Knowledge, Trickery
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Favored Weapon: Pickaxe

The patron of the gnome race doesn’t deviate far from what one would expect from him: mischievous, merry, and brilliant. Mythology and history is brimming with stories of Lown’s jokes and pranks. His intents are rarely malicious, but like with many gnomes the games he plays can spiral out of control. For Lown, the competition of wit and strategy provides a thrill few non-gnomes can understand. Lown is also a famed architect and engineer who urges the gnomes to build and create. The title of ‘Always Scheming’ is a poor translation to common. The original gnomish word has a much more positive connotation. Lown’s typical appearance is as a youthful adult gnome dressed in flamboyant, but practical work clothes. When a situation requires force, Lown takes a massive form similar to an earth elemental.

Many cities of all regions have at least one grand building built in honor to Lown. Many of them also serve as churches and are staffed by devoted clerics. Lown’s temples are marvels of design with bright aesthetics. They are also riddled with secret passengers that may serve no other purpose as to amuse or (for non-gnomes) befuddle unsuspecting visitors. Treasures that need to be hidden are often entrusted to the church of Lown for this reason.

Jalia, Wondering Eye
Portfolio: Halflings, fortunetellers, rouges, nomads
Domaims: Community, Oracle, Protection, Travel
Alignment: Neutral Good
Favored Weapon: Dagger

Jalia is a nurturing protector of the halflings. Their proclivity to petty theft is undeniable. Naturally, these traits are reflected in her, but Jalia is most renowned a mystic and seer. Jalia’s appearance is that of a middle-aged female halfling in bright shawls and garments. When able to manifest on the material plane, she may appear to travelers as a seemingly normal fortuneteller. Her reasons are sometimes to further a cause, or just for her own amusement. Like her followers, Jalia never gives an intentionally inaccurate reading on principle, but other forms of trickery are possible. If Jalia needs to fight, she only assumes a form of a large version of herself, but dressed in fine armor and knives.

Temples to Jalia are usually just a wagon or wagons that serve as mobile shrines. Specific shrines tend to stay with one caravan community. The priests who manage the shrine usually serve as the community’s spiritual voice. More permanent temples to Jalia serve as roadside inns and rest stops. Both clerics and druids are common in Jalia’s church. A strong druidic membership comes from the halflings’ connection with nature. Clerics of Jalia are frequently valued for their divination skills.

Olonwé, the Morning Lady
Portfolio: Grey elves
Domains: Healing, Protection, Good
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Favored Weapon: Shield

Olonwé was once the most powerful being on the material plane until her schism. The Olonwé who remains is a shadow of her once proud self, reduced in power and humbled by tragedy. Little remains of her expansive profile; she has fallen from the tier of major deities. Now her only function is to serve as the protector of her diaspora people because the refugee grey elves are frequently misunderstood and persecuted. Olonwé’s physical form is as a dark-haired elf whose skin is muted with a tinge of gray. Unlike most gods, her dress is lowly, wearing tattered, dull clothes. In battle, Olonwé bears and fights with a finely crafted shield, her one stately possession.

Olonwé does not have establishes temples. Refugee camps may have many small personal shrines, but the grey elves have too few resources for an established church. There are few clerics, but druids and favored souls are common.

Càno, the Wrathful Lady
Portfolio: Wood elves, southern barbarians
Domains: Endure, Moon, Sun, Wrath
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Favored Weapon: Longbow

The ancient civilization of the grey elves was founded on two pillars: harmony with the natural world and temperance in war and magic. When Càno was first created from Olonwé’s dissolving psyche, her first act and purpose was to end the rampant abuse of magic for escalating destruction. Along with Ingolé, the two moons were created and now keep the far south in a blistering, nearly perpetual sunlight. The south-most lands of world are treacherous, bombarded by endless light and extreme heat. The areas that were not converted into deserts become intense rain forests. Both these habitats have become the providence of Càno’s wood elves. After millennia, the original purpose of punishment has been lost to Càno’s incarnations, and he now serves as the harsh patron of the wood elves. Càno is weary of leaning and advancement, a trait that has become reflected into the wood elves. Càno looks very similar in physical features and dimensions to Olonwé, but her skin appears sunburn and her physique is stronger.

The clergy of Càno plays a minor role in wood elf society. They are mostly druids who respect their harsh homes. Temple of Càno are found in all wood elf villages, which are firmly nestled just beneath the vital, sun-soaking canopy in the rainforests. In desert areas, they are located in dead forests of petrified wood and provide much needed aid to other wood elves. Non-wood elves should not expect friendly treatment.

Ingolé, the Bitter Lady
Portfolio: Snow elves, arctic dwellers especially barbarians
Domains: Cold, Darkness, Hatred, Moon
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Favored Weapon: Longsword

The Bitter Lady. Little else better describes this aspect of Olonwé. Ingolé was born from the thinning, conflicting mind of Olonwé, as the elves began to turn onto their nature and greedily strip-mined the permafrost for valuable psi crystals. Originally created to punish the elves for their violation of their relationship with nature, Ingolé has also become the avatar of the resentment the snow elves have for their new life. She now is both warden and lord of the snow elves, condemned to constant darkness and biting cold. Her appearance is very similar in physical features and dimensions to Olonwé, but her skin is tinged with blue and frost accumulates on the ends of her ears and fingers. Despite being clothed in warm furs, her breath is also always visible in any climate.

Ingolé’s worshippers have become as tough and embittered as their mistress, but always remember to respect her. Prayers and burnt offerings are constantly given by the shamans and druids in hopes of a few more days of twilight each year. The community always values the religious leaders who provide guidance to best please Ingolé and they usually become community leaders. Binders who form pacts with Ingolé become feared and respected leaders. There are some who whisper that the Ingolé wishes for the snow elves to make war on Vóréa in order for them to finally move from the frozen wasteland, but the snow elves don’t seem to harbor to ambitions or means for such a campaign.

Tuvilti who Soars
Portfolio: Raptorans, summoners, sailors and airship crews
Domains: Air, Summoner, Sky, Weather
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Favored Weapon: Footbow

Tuvilti encourages a close relation with the raptorans’ extensive past with air elementals. As the people of the sky, Tuvilti has a close connection with the weather, and her favor grants good winds, which is essential for hunting and travel. Those who travel through raptoran territory and cause harm or stay too long could suddenly find the weather against them by day and raptorans by night. Tuvilti takes the form of an athletic raptoran whose wings have subtle whips of azure. When angered, she becomes the sky incarnate and becomes a giant composed of storming winds and arrows of lightning.

Tuvilti is an accomplished archer and summoner. Her clerics follow her example, so many focus on conjurations (see Races of the Wild). A high number of spirit shamans also reflect the raptorans’ strong connection with outsiders and ethna. Naturally, many raptorans become binders and communities value those who can form pacts with Tuvilti. Temples are important aspects of communities, as the priests know the sky’s fickle nature can even be turned onto them. High priests are always members of town councils.

Mirzkern, Indomitable
Portfolio: Dwarves, herbalists, residents of bogs, marshes, and swamps
Domains: Healing, Law, Craft, War
Alignment: Lawful Good
Favored Weapon: Dwarven urgosh

Mirzkern is the patriarch of the bog-faring dwarves. He embodies the dwarven philosophy of the importance of clans, who work together to etch out a life in a habitat non-dwarves find unappealing. A skilled herbalist and healer, Mirzkern is most famous for his tenacity in combat. Fighting and natural medicines/poisons are both highly stressed arts in Mirzkern’s societies. His physical form is of muscular, greatly bearded dwarf with a scar beneath his left eye and his combat manifestation is a lerger version, but with moving flow of vines and water arcoss his body in all directions. Plants from Mirzkern’s personal gardens on his plane are rumored to be able to heal any disease.

Despite their swamp habitats, most of Mirzkern’s priests are clerics trained for combat with weapons. Temples of Mirzkern sometimes are created as floating structures that can move throughout an area. Other are built into dry, excavated areas. The highest cleric in a community serves a position of power right below the eldest dwarves. The temples of Mirzkern frequently sponsor fighter academies and standing armies to repel frequent attacks from savage humanoids. Religious binders who learn to make pacts with Mirzkern become powerful warriors for the temples.

Keagan Stonelord
Portfolio: Golaiths, mountainfolk
Domains: Earth, Chaos, Competition, Strength
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Favored Weapon: Battleaxe

Brenth, Traveling Shadow
Portfolio: Underfolk, miners, spelunkers
Domains: Earth, Darkness, Cavern, Liberation
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Favored Weapon: Greatsword

Crokhan the Strong
Portfolio: Neanderthals
Domains: Cold, Destruction, Strength, War
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Favored Weapon: Greatclub

Kanadrig, Briliant and Wise
Portfolio: Spellscales
Domains: Magic, Knowledge, Pride, Scalykind
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Favored Weapon: Flail

Nasella, Valued for Her Council
Portfolio: Elans, psions
Domains: Knowledge, Meditation, Mentalism, Planning
Alignment: Neutral Good
Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff

Mik, Master of Mind and Body
Portfolio: Maenads
Domains: Balance, Meditation, Mentalism, Passion
Alignment: Lawful Good
Favored Weapon: Scimitar

Xeph the Quick
Portfolio: Xephs
Domains: Celerity, Mentalism, Liberation, Pleasure
Alignment:Chaotic Good
Favored Weapon: Shortsword

Ouro, Overseer of the Cycle
Portfolio: All races, druids, midwives, undertakers
Domains: Death, Life, Renewal, Repose
Alignment: Neutral
Favored Weapon: Two-Bladed Sword

Mecanicus, Who Promises a New Age
Portfolio: All races, especially humans and gnomes
Domains: Artifice, City, Metal, Knowledge
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Favored Weapon: Repeating Crossbow

Pelor, Shining Light
Portfolio: Many across most races, especially humans
Domains: Good, Healing, Purification, Sun
Alignment: Neutral Good
Favored Weapon: Mace

Baccob, Archmage of the Deities
Portfolio: Arcanists, sages
Domains: Knowledge, Magic, Rune, Spell
Alignment: Neutral
Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff

Obad-Hai, the Shalm
Portfolio: Driuds, barbarians, rangers
Domains: Air, Animal, Earth, Fire, Plant, Water
Alignment: Neutral
Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff

Nerull, Hater of Life
Portfolio: Necromancers, undead
Domains: Death, Necromancy, Undead, Undeath (Sensing a theme?)
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Favored Weapon: Scythe

St. Cuthbert of the Cudgel
Portfolio: Fighters, monks, soldiers
Domains: Destruction, Inquisition, Law, Retribution
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Favored Weapon: Mace

Ehlonna who Protects the Forests
Portfolio: Druids, Forests, Nature Nuts
Domains: Animal, Good, Mysticism (Good), Plant
Alignment: Neutral Good
Favored Weapon: Longbow

Erythnul the Many
Portfolio: Savage humanoids, serial killers
Domains: Chaos, Evil, Suffering, War
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Favored Weapon: Morningstar

Fharlanghn, Dweller on the Horizon
Portfolio: Wanderers, Merchants, Adventurers
Domains: Celerity, Luck, Protection, Travel
Alignment: Neutral
Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff

Hieroneous, Invincible
Portfolio: Paladins, fighters, monks
Domains: Courage, Glory, Good, Purification
Alignment: Lawful Good
Favored Weapon: Longsword

Hextor, Scourge of Battle
Portfolio: Tyrants, Warmongerors
Domains: Evil, Law, War, Wrath
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Favored Weapon: Flail

Kord, the Spirit’s Forge
Portfolio: Athletes, competitors, monks, fighters
Domains: Courage, Competition, Endurance, Strength
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Favored Weapon: Greatsword

Olidammara, Laughing Rouge
Portfolio: Rogues, thespians,
Domains: Chaos, Herald, Luck, Trickery
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Favored Weapon: Rapier

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