Ethna Template

“Ethna” is an inherited template that can be added to any creature (referred to hereafter as the base creature). An Ethna uses all of the base creature's statistics and abilities except as noted here.

Size and Type: The base creature is now an Ethna in addition to its other types. An Ethna spirit has all of the abilities of this template.

Armor Class: The base creature's deflection bonus increases by 2.

Attack: An Ethna retains all of the attacks and proficiencies of the base creature. Usually, all weapons and equipment are treated as part's of the Ethna and fade when the Ethna is destroyed.

Damage Reduction (Ex): An Ethna has damage reduction 5/magic. This improves to 10/magic at 10 HD.

Spell Like Abilities: An Ethna gains spell-like abilities according to hit die. These gains are cumulative. Caster level equals the base creature's HD and the save DC is wisdom-based.

HD Spell
1-2 Prestidigitation (at will), Detect Magic (at will)
3-5 Invisibility (at will)
6-7 Bestow Curse 1/day, Remove Curse 1/day
8-10 Dispel Magic 3/day
11-12 Summon Nature's Ally V 1/day or Summon Monster 1/day
13-15 Geas/Quest 1/day
16-18 Ethereal Jaunt (at will)
19-20 Miracle 1/day
21+ Wish 1/day

Special Qualities: An Ethna has the same qualities as the base creature, plus the following:

Arkna Bond (Su): An Ethna is tied to its Arkna and its power grows as the age, size, and power of the Arkna grows. An Ethna usually cannot venture far from its Arkna and losses HD as the separation increases in distance and length. If an Arkna is completely destroyed, its Ethna is usually destroyed too. (Proper table coming soon)

Made of Magic (Su): As creatures of pure ether, Ethna do not require food or rest. They are also effected differently by anti-magic fields. Ethna may function and cast spells as normal, though persistent effects are instantly snuffed out. While inside an anti-magic field, an Ethna also take a -4 penalty on all rolls. Most importantly, the Ethna slowly suffocates over 5 rounds/2 HD. This is an extremely painful sensation for an Ethna and in the past anti-magic fields have been used by mortals to torture Ethna.

Reincarnation (Su): When destroyed, an Ethna fades, leaving no body. It will later reincarnate in a slightly altered form. The changes are often cosmetic unless its Arkna is greatly altered. The time required for reincarnation can vary from hours to years as well as the maturity of the new incarnation, as determined by the current age and power of the Ethan. (Proper table coming soon)

Challenge Rating: I have no idea yet.

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