Antell are known for their peace and harmony with the oceans that they call home. They are a calm and peaceful people, who offer nothing but respect to those around them. The Antell are a tribal people who place a great deal of stock in the idea of families and clans, and often consider non-Antell who have become great friends to be a member of their clans.
Antell are a forgiving people, always willing to patch up any amnesties or grievances, they are always willing to provide food, shelter and the like to any who ask… even those who don't.

Physical Description:
Antell have several distinct features, the most notable of which are their hands and feet. Their hands, while extremely similar to those of humans, have elongated fingers, usually five to seven inches in length, each finger is connected about halfway up by a thin membrane, giving their hands a sort of 'webbed' appearance which aids in swimming. Their feet are similarly constructed, with elongated webbed toes.
Their second most notable feature is the color of their skin and hair, while it is nearly identical to that of humans, their skin has a slight blue-green tint, reflecting their connection with the ocean waters. Their hair is much the same, regardless of color the hair tends to have a blue-green tint. An Antell's eyes are typically a deep blue or a pale green. In all other aspects the Antell are identical to humans, averaging just over five and half feet tall and around 100 pounds in weight.
Antell wear simple clothing, if they choose to wear anything at all. Typically Antell will only wear the bear minimum of clothing, preferring to leave their bodies free to embrace the ocean waters, as well as fearing that any form of clothing would impede their swimming.

Antell are kind, respectful, and hospitable to nearly any being they encounter. They are more than willing to offer help to travelers, in fact they often insist upon providing aid to any they encounter.
Antell view most other races on equal grounds, although the tribal lifestyle and respect for nature has earned the Elves and the Jakrias a smidgen more respect than others. They only races ever to earn the distrust of the Antell are the sahaugin, for their disrespect of nature's harmonies, and the Iridi, for their hotheaded temper and general dislike of the ocean.
The Antell are extremely good fishermen, as such they often trade with the land dwelling races, offering fish and other products of the ocean for metals, cloths, minerals, and various land grown crops.
Alignment: Antell enjoy the freedom that they have on the open oceans, as such they tend to wards the chaotic alignments, which is similarly reflected in their nomadic lifestyle. Due to their peaceful nature Antell also tend towards good over evil.

Antell Lands:
Antell claim no land as their own, the land they live upon is that of nature, and none have the right to call it their own, or so is their belief. The Antell live a nomadic lifestyle out upon the open waters, residing on raft huts and similar floating abodes. Their homes are built to be both lightweight and durable, so that they may survive the harsh storms out at sea and are easy to transport by the specially trained dolphins of the Antell, following the schools of fish that the Antell live off of. Some Antell make permanent homes in coastal cities, living on anchored rafts just offshore.

The Antell speak a beautiful flowing language known only as Folass. While similar to the elven tongue, Folass has one key difference, the words flow together, giving the illusion that each sentence is one long word.

Antell are given two names, their birth name and their clan name. However, it is not unusual for an Antell to have a third name, a sort of nick-name given out of honor or respect from their fellow tribe members. Likewise, it is possible that a third name, a nick-name given should one be exiled from the communities of the Antell.

Antell Racial Traits:

* -2 Dex, +2 Wis, -2 Cha
* Humanoid (Aquatic)
* Medium: As Medium creatures, humans have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.
* Antell have a base land speed of 30 feet and a swim speed of 20 feet
* Low-light Vision
* Hold Breath: An Antell can hold its breath for a number of rounds equal to 6 × its Constitution score before it risks
* drowning . +2 bonus on Profession (Fishing), and Knowledge (Nature) checks
* +8 bonus on Swim Automatic Languages: Common and Folass. Bonus Languages: Any
* Favored Class: Druid. A multi-class Antell's druid class levels do not count when determining whether he takes an experience point penalty. The Antell's great respect for nature produces many rangers.

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