An Overwiew Of The World

Without a God of its own, the planet is subject to much damage from other celestial bodies and deities.

The planet's binary moon stays primarily north of the equator, pulling the planet north of its original orbit. Thus, no point north of 10 degrees S will receive direct sunlight. The northernmost 15 degrees receives no more than a few weeks twilight during the summer. It is plunged into complete darkness for all but 20 days a year.

This darkness was chosen by the moon god Ingolé as punishment for the colonies of the Northlands. They used the magical crystals that grow underneath the Permafrost to empower their weapons' abilities and revolt against Voréa.

The constant, oppressive sunlight in the south was the moon god Càno's punishment of choice. The emperor called upon the brightest scholars to develop a new style of magic that would change the face of warfare as they knew it. No longer did a mage have to cast one spell per enemy to fell an army. With their new system of magic, entire towns could be leveled in minutes through the work of a single mage.

For 70 years the battle for the world raged, raping the land. Finally, the Gods reached a unanimous decision and Mana was removed from the planet. Millions of the elves died, those who survived remained either in the Northland, thus evolving into Snow Elves. They eventually forgot about the natural crystals that grew there. Other elves remained on Voréa, retreating into the jungles and becoming Wood Elves.

A few surviving gray elves went into hiding, and the memory of the great Apocalypse faded into the sands of time.

Nearly 14,000 years later, the gnomes rediscovered the power crystals. Being a superstitious lot, they believed the Apocalypse myth and strictly limited the amount of magic crystal allowed per item.

It has now been 16,500 years since the great battle. Humans have become more than a group of territorial monkeys. They have learned the power and technique behind magical weapons and alchemy. They have begun abusing this power to create monstrosities such as cannons, bombs and flying vehicles.

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